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It doesn’t happen here. But it’s happening now.

Amnesty - Not Here, But Now

With this gripping ad campaign Amnesty International of Switzerland wants to make people conscious about the fact that human rights are violated on a daily basis in different parts of the world. The slogan on the posters translates to It doesn’t happen here. But it’s happening now. It’s not an abstraction for the people involved. For them it’s harsh reality. The campaign is running now in cities across Switzerland and will end on 23 June.

More on the Swiss site of Amnesty International: French, German or Italian.

Beautiful spam from far away places

On 7/06/2006, at 9:35 AM, Rudolph Banks <> wrote:

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And I was grateful. Maybe one day I’ll reply.

One cup

Yes, one cup of furry cuteness.

A free ambient album by Module

Module: Dreams For The Sleepless

A person going by the moniker of Module and hailing from Wellington, New Zealand, has been so kind to put this excellent 73 minute ambient track online for all to enjoy. It’s called “Dreams For The Sleepless”. In his own words:

“A 73 Min 1 track ambient CD This is music for dreaming. Nothing more than a rich swirling ambient sonic textural soundscape, a electronic lullaby to drift away to.”

It’s nice and relaxing music indeed and you should go download it now.

More about Module:,

N.ational A.lbum R.ecording Mo.nth was May

NARMo magic dingo!

NARMo in short. Since it’s the end of May the project for this year is almost over. The last hours, minutes and seconds are ticking away for everyone to submit a 31 minute album that they’ve recorded during the past month. Of the 72 people that have signed up about half have submitted recordings, which I think is pretty spectacular already.

I’ve signed up, too, but I’ve been so stupidly busy with, well, stupid things, that I haven’t recorded anything yet. There’s a mad plan doing rounds in my head to record something in one go tonight after today’s freelance projects are wrapped up.

In any case, if you fancy listening to some freshly recorded audio, head over to I’ve found a few gems already. People should do this sort of impromptu stuff more often if you ask me. It seems to bring out niceties that otherwise maybe wouldn’t have come out.

Two cliff ogres

Cliff Ogres by Scott C.

Just wanted to share this brilliant drawing by Scott C. These are the sort of drawings I used to really love as a child. In fact they remind me vaguely of Quentin Blake’s drawings – long time illustrator for Roald Dahl books, which I used to read when I was younger. This one was done for an upcoming Fantagraphics book about mythical creatures. Worth keeping an eye on if you ask me.

If you want you can send Scott C a comment on his blog.

Films by Len Lye

Len Lye's

A long time fan of his work I was absolutely delighted that some of his animations are now available for viewing online at For those of you who haven’t heard of Lye or haven’t seen his films, he was a New Zealand sculptor, photographer, writer and film-maker who worked with motion in various ways and was an early pioneer of colour film in the 1930s. His films are vibrant and usually playful. Read the rest of this entry »

48Hours update 2

48hr sleep

Fark i’m tired!

Edit: Yes, after being up for 16 hours after a 3 hour sleep and working on the set alongside a – thankfully – professional crew, we got the shoot wrapped up. The editors had edited about two minutes at 10pm and were going for around 7 minutes. I hope it all went well, as I slept right through all that. And now the film has been submitted. Hopefully! I haven’t seen it yet, but from the moment that it’s online I’ll post a link. It features a really great gnome.

48Hours update

The weekend of filmmaking as mentioned in my previous post has now officially started. Each of the 400-odd teams had to pick a genre out of a bag and were each given a name for a character, a prop, a line of dialog and a characteristic of the character. Those are the constraints for the film and a jury will give extra credit to people who incorporate those elements well.

Our team got the genre “Fairy Tale”, which I think is pretty awesome. In any case I’m glad we didn’t get the wonderful opportunity to make a musical over the weekend. The other constraints are:

Name: Robin Slade
Characteristic: eternal optimist
Prop: mirror
Line of dialog: “That’s what I’m talking about”

Our initial brainstorming session yielded a lot of interesting ideas for a story and now a few writers are making them into a coherent plot. We start shooting tomorrow morning at 8am. More as the story evolves!

Snow crystal

Snow crystal magnification

What happens when you use a scanning electron microscope (SEM) to look at a snow crystal? You get amazing imagery revealing the math in nature, that’s what! Click the thumbnail to see for yourself.

More about SEM and more amazing images on Wikipedia.

random photo

Dark Was The Night

Dark Was the Night is the twentieth compilation release benefiting the Red Hot Organization, an international charity dedicated to raising funds and awareness for HIV and AIDS.

Buy on iTunes or Beggars Group.