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Beautiful spam from far away places

On 7/06/2006, at 9:35 AM, Rudolph Banks <> wrote:

pea measle narrow-petaled night adder news dealer O g washer

Middle c moose fly Paleo-christian nut pine mootchie wood

night chair mile-ohm new-laid night willow herb

night-haunted peach canker Morelos orange worm Pan-celticism new-built naked-eyed open-jointed

oil shark Non-prussian mid-lobe

offset sheet outrigger torpedo neural process pale laurel old-womanishness pass-bye oat kiln moon-mad minced pie oak family no-rent land paper tree oleo strut

mickle-mouthed mild-savored moon-crowned misch metal music-tongued

open-letter proof Mongolo-turkic motor-camping old-bachelorish

no one mill-headed nursing bottle peace-breathing open chain methyl alcohol opposite-leaved onion fly nonapparent servitude opium-shattered navy yard owl-headed night-foundered

parcel-tying Milanese mandolin oscillation circuit nutmeg pigeon pea rifle

ordinato-punctate mud-splashed nickel green More anglico

nihil ex nihilo mis-strike middle-rate orchestra pit night-bringing niff-naffy night-fallen
nose flute Non-shakespearean missionary weed

opossum wood open-spokenly over-round near-acquainted party wire non-co-ordination nutmeg family mine-run

And I was grateful. Maybe one day I’ll reply.

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  1. Bryna says:

    that’s beautiful (*wipes tear from eye)

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