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N.ational A.lbum R.ecording Mo.nth was May

NARMo magic dingo!

NARMo in short. Since it’s the end of May the project for this year is almost over. The last hours, minutes and seconds are ticking away for everyone to submit a 31 minute album that they’ve recorded during the past month. Of the 72 people that have signed up about half have submitted recordings, which I think is pretty spectacular already.

I’ve signed up, too, but I’ve been so stupidly busy with, well, stupid things, that I haven’t recorded anything yet. There’s a mad plan doing rounds in my head to record something in one go tonight after today’s freelance projects are wrapped up.

In any case, if you fancy listening to some freshly recorded audio, head over to I’ve found a few gems already. People should do this sort of impromptu stuff more often if you ask me. It seems to bring out niceties that otherwise maybe wouldn’t have come out.

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