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For the first time since my discovery of the Interwebs, I’ve purchased a cookbook. And I have to say, it’s really lovely. Not only is it filled with amazing seasonal recipes, it’s also really beautiful with great illustrations that remind me of Quentin Blake’s style, and tasty food photography. Check the link for a sample recipe and some pictures. Recommended!

Stéphane Reynaud’s 365 Good Reasons to Sit Down to Eat

P.S.: Photography by Marie-Pierre Morel, illustrations by José Reis de Matos, both brilliant artists.

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  1. editkid says:

    So far I’ve made:

    Cream of asparagus soup (p. 174):
    I surprised a couple of colleagues who had a cold with it at work one lunch time. Went down an absolute treat with freshly grilled bread. Prepared it the previous day and it reheated just perfectly. And adding the fresh asparagus and green onions makes it feel like it was freshly cooked up, there and then.

    Apple-tomato gazpacho (p. 314):
    Made for a flat warming party, and I suspect it’s what made the next morning really easy going and without headaches. Very tasty, too.

    And right now I’m cooking the “Chicken in garlic crust” (p. 256). Putting a whole chicken inside a crust of salt, flour, white wine, garlic and thyme just seemed like a really, really good idea.

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