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Are we really all terrorists?

E Tu!This weekend marked the E tu! music festival here in Wellington. It was free and set up by caring people to shed more light on the amendment to the Terrorism Suppression Act that is being worked on by the New Zealand government. Recently a few people got arrested and were almost tried under that act. Some of these people were docile local activists who got dragged out of their houses at gunpoint, because of alleged associations with a “terrorist” who was planning acts of violence against the people of New Zealand.

In short, a lot of hoo-haa over small change, but people got put in jail and their lives and reputations were severely damaged. The New Zealand press also jumped onto the whole affair like vultures. Big scary headlines, and even a New Zealand flag with an AK-47 machine gun on it in the NZ Herald. I could almost feel our mothers trembling, their children hiding under their skirts.

So just to make sure that people think before they fall into the same trap of “fear justifies all” as in other countries, a nice community gathering was set up. People talked, listened to music, and enjoyed their civil liberties just that little bit more than usual. It once more made clear that if we want to survive as a community, we have to act like one.

PS.: I’ve only just noticed – call me thick – that the E tu! logo has two German SS logos behind it. I must say, that’s a pretty low blow. If you ask me, you don’t fight ignorance with ignorance.

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