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David Lange’s legacy

David Lange

It’s always refreshing to hear someone talk with great ability and passion. It’s equally refreshing to hear someone talk about our human society in a humane way. Former New Zealand Prime Minister David Lange did this on quite a few occasions. One most notable occasion being at the Oxford Union debate in 1985 where he argued that “nuclear weapons are morally indefensible”. A debate which he won and for which he was accorded a standing ovation from both sides of the house. This speech can be read and listened to online and if you don’t know who Mr. David Lange was and/or are up for a speech that was spoken both from the heart and from the mind, I suggest you do check it out.

Also, below you can listen to ‘Nuclear Weapons Are Morally Indefensible’, a derivative work incorporating audio from the recording of David Lange’s Oxford Union debate speech. The accompanying music was composed and produced by Andrew B. White, aka Tomorrowpeople.

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4 Responses

  1. Mischa McLachlan says:

    I was looking for an audio copy of this speech ages ago! the text read really well. but i’m definately gonna give this a listen now! cheers pete!

  2. Brenda says:

    he got a standy ovation even before he started speaking.

  3. Rick says:

    Gone but never forgotten David Lange; a towering intellect, driven, compassionate, and one of the world’s great orators.

  4. smith says:

    They don’t make´╗┐ politicians like this anymore!

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