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A girl, a witch and a firebird

Ivan Bilibin - Opening Illustration for 'The Firebird and the Grey Wolf' (1899)

Through a fortunate coincidence I was recently introduced to the work of Russian born illustrator Ivan Bilibin (1876-1942), the beauty of which blew me away.

A large number of his haunting and expressive drawings revolve around Slavic mythology and are usually set against the mountains and forests of Old Russia.

From “Vasilissa the Beautiful” (1900), a story about Baba Yaga:

Some other works:

More about Ivan Bilibin:

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  1. giles says:

    Lovely stuff, I think it was the golden age of illustration. For example Arthur Rackham

  2. shilca says:

    @A Tsar outside a snowy house (not sure what this is from…)

    It’s from the tale by alexander poesjkin – about tsaar Sultan en his son the famous knight prince Guido Saltanowitsj en the Swanprinces

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