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A UK graffiti artist going by the name of “Moose” makes his art not by painting onto walls, but by cleaning them. He’s been doing it to the ever so predictable annoyance of local authorities who are resolutely calling it vandalism. Apparently the council of Leeds has even asked him to “clean up” one of his pieces. Besides the fact that his works are obviously already clean they usually last only a few days.

The technique dubbed “grime writing” also holds interesting symbolic values. It accentuates the fact that our cities are getting increasingly dirty because of air pollution. The grey coat that covers many buildings, tunnels and streets and that is usually almost forgotten – or at least part of mundane scenery – suddenly becomes visible to all.

You can see some more of Paul Curtis aka Moose’s work at

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  1. giles says:

    very nice. I always like to see the mind applying lateral thinking & moving on.

  2. Siuol says:

    Moose’s work is tight- anybody know the cleaning agent he use to scub the walls clean?

  3. julene says:

    Ive seen both Adidas and Persil (washing powder) advertising in this way in the UK. Also the logo of an new music artist (plan b) ‘graffitied’ (sp?) in this way. It looked pro rather than done by himself. Street team work requested by his management?

    Anyway, its not taken long for it to become used by corporations.

  4. pea says:

    Maybe he want to earn in order to do a larger larger project. Let’s hope so?

  5. julene says:

    Oh, I dont think he did them. they just copied the idea. : )

  6. pea says:

    He did commercial work, for Xbox amongst others. See site.

  7. pea says:

    Which appears to be… ferschweunden!@

  8. julene says:

    Ariel advertising in London. [h]

  9. julene says:

    oh damn, i posted some pic but they are not showing. see here:

  10. pea says:

    Thanks Julene :)

    I’ll look into posting images in here, needs to be possible.

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