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To pro or not to pro

My flickr pro account is about to lose its pro status on 3 July. Another year of pro flickr goodness would cost $24.95. My problem with that is that my first year of pro flickr was free and I can actually just host the pictures myself.

What to do what to do… I like the fact that flickr is so universal and people can use it to create screensaver slideshows that display recent photos by their friends and so forth. The pro accounts also let you show the pictures in full resolution. I uploaded most of mine at huge resolutions and they’re free to be used for non-commercial ends.

If only zenphoto were out of beta. I’d love to develop some nice RSS plugins and widgets for that. It’s a nice gallery system but not quite there yet in terms of being stable and finished. It’s got great potential.

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  1. Brenda says:

    There’s a API.. i’d done alot of tagging and sorting.. and i want to keep my comments.

    So i wrote some code that pulls photos from flickr and turns them into nodes inside the drupal cms.

    Now, one day, i’ll stop using flickr (when the pro expires) and just stick with my own cache of it.

  2. pea says:

    True that. Might check out the whole API thing and just extract all the comments and tags. Thanks for the tip Brenda.

    It’d be nice if there were some universal API for photo blogs, so that a collection of random online galleries could somehow operate as a distributed version of flickr. I guess that’d need a central server to keep all the meta data for quick searching, though.

    Oh dear, as much as I hate saying it and as much as there’s good reasons for not supporting Yahoo (think China), I still like flickr.

  3. pea says:

    So I gave in today and extended my Flickr membership. Their plug-in API is what did it for me. So many nice things that you can do with that, like for example colrpickr.

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